My journey into a fit life and happy mommyhood


Hot Yoga

I recently joined a gym that is more like a spa that also gave me 3 hours of babysitting and the place offered hot yoga class. I get to try it for free for 2 weeks, so today I decided to take advantage. Most of the time bikram yoga is done at a specialty yoga studio because it requires 105 degree heat and 40% humidity, so it tends to be more expensive. The last time I tried Bikram yoga was definitely before I got married, and before I had my babies. It was about 10 years ago while I still lived in the city. I remembered it being an intense experience, but I didn’t go because there were too many guys in speedos in that class.

Trying PiYo class

While I am still sore I went back again today to get Ryan a second time at child care and to try something new. I gave myself two time slots, but I ended up taking my little to get a haircut so I missed the 10am sessions. It was either the 11:15am boot camp class or the noon PiYo or Group Power class. I love strength training but thought I should try out something new instead.

 My impression of PiYo is best described as choreographed yoga and Pilates poses that switches in quick tempo. The instructor was also learning the choreography so sometimes she ended up just telling us to keep moving. I had a hard time following and the other newbie next to me gave up and walked after 15 minutes. I stuck it out but when I couldn’t follow I simply just held some poses because I am pretty sure the instructor really couldn’t see what her students were doing anyway.
I have heard of Chalene Johnson and know that she has home DVDs for her exercise programs. I think this might be a good one to try out at home, because it simply takes a while to get used to. I am not ready to give up on it yet, but will probably refamiliarize myself with yoga again first. 

Getting Back to Exercise

Stress at the pregnant womanIt has been 6 months since I stepped foot in a gym, having stopped going to the gym due to my pubic symphysis pains. For the last trimester, I napped and walked mostly. Yesterday, I went back into a class for the first time, right after my baby turned 3 months old. In fact, I signed the papers on his 3 month birthdate!

Because my old gym does not have child care for babies younger than 6 months old, my husband and I decided to plunk down extra money for a family membership at a very nice gym well-known for its wonderful childcare. They provide for 3 hours of childcare per day and, unlike my old gym, also changes diapers and provide feedings. The timing worked out well, since later this week will be end of the school year as well, and this club offers a lot of kids activity.

My 13 Gym Pet Peeves

Just yesterday I had a very unfortunate experience where somehow someone else’s depilatory cream got in my hair and burned some clumps of hair off. It was traumatic for me. As much as I am a dedicated gym goer and enjoy the friendships that I have made there, the recent incident proved to be the straw that broke the camel’s back, so to speak. I will likely still go to the gym for a class, but I most likely will stay the heck away from the locker room for a while. My exasperation has led to this list of bad things I have personally witnessed from people at the gym.

Getting Back, and Feeling the Pain

Last Friday I finally went back to the gym. I had started to get sick around week 7 of my pregnancy and then I felt better after week 16. However, I was then struck with a nasty cold with cough week 17 to week 19 of my pregnancy, and finally felt like a normal person (more or less) at week 20. I went back to one of my favorite classes, BodyPump, and because of the long hiatus, really did go light.

This was me last Friday
Warm-up: 10 x 2 = 20
Squat: 10 x 2 = 20
Chest press: 7.5 x 2 = 15
Back: 10 x 2 = 20
Lunges: 7.5 x 2 = 15
Shoulders: 2.5 x 2 = 5
Biceps: 5 x 2 = 10
Triceps: 5
This was me June 2014
Warm-up: 10 x 2 = 20
Squat: 37.5 x 2 = 75; Did 40×2=80 on 6/13 for a short track ’84.
Chest press: 20 x 2 = 40
Chest fly: 10 x 2 = 20
Back: 22.5 x 2 = 45
Lunges: 22.5 x 2 = 45
Shoulders = 10 x 2 = 20 (Damn my levator shoulder issues!)
Biceps: 10 x 2 = 20, sometimes using drop weights 12.5×2=25
Triceps: 10

And boy was I feeling sore already during the session! I can’t take any ibuprofen either, so I am just starting to feel less pain today. I realized during the class that I really took my strength for granted. I have lost a lot of muscle as a result of my pregnancy, and I will have to work hard to get it back. My ego was definitely bruised by the experience. I used to be able to squat more than even the burly men in the class! I had lost a lot of fitness during the 3 and 1/2 month break from strength training. I hope that I can keep going at least once a week. I am not sure if I will be ready to go back on Friday but will give it a try!