Facing the Truth with a Before Photo
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I now understand why taking a before photo is so important before a fitness endeavor.

The hardest thing to do for me on this Beachbody Challenge was taking my before photo. I have always hated to see myself in photos, so I was no pleased about having to take a before photo. There was also something about taking a photo of myself in the shape that I am in that knocked the discomfort level up a notch. I knew I had to take it, but I was fully clothed with no makeup in my t-shirt and sweatpants. I couldn’t do it so I had my husband do it for me. One front facing and another profile. I had to get the photos out of the camera to send to my coach Joy and when I saw it, it made me cringe. And because I had a wi-fi SD card in my camera that is set to automatically upload the photos I take (mostly of my children and people other than me) up to my Flickr album, I also had to go up to Flickr to delete those photos of myself I had unintentionally uploaded. In having to look at myself and the body I have in those moments, I had to face the truth about my reality.

After taking my initial two photos on February 1, I actually decided that I will take a few more of myself, this time in my undies today. I made sure that I am not uploading those ones that I took for myself using the self timer on my digital camera, but I am definitely keeping them on my computer. I am going to look at this every week to remind me. I need to face the truth and remember why I am working hard. Yes I am doing this for my family and myself, and I know that everyday having this visual reminder of my truth will make me stronger in my resolve.

Here are my measurements:

Date                 2/1/2012
Weight             145.2 lbs
Body Fat %      33.5%
Waist                36.5 in

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