First workout with 10 minute trainer Total Body DVD (Disc 1)
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I took up the challenge of working out with choosing 10 Minute Trainer because I need something that I can easily fit in around my children. I also decided that I will try out a meal replacement shake to help reduce my total caloric intake. It is also helpful because I will have to plan less meals everyday.

I have my usual 1 cup of old fashioned oatmeal with 1 tablespoon of brown sugar and 1% lactose-free milk. Then for lunch, I had my Shakeology mixed just with water and ice for lunch today and it was still yummy without using 1% lactose-free milk.

I finally managed to get to the first total body DVD after 45 minutes wrangling Baby Jane to nap, was interrupted after the first two min warm up, but got back to the DVD. I did first 10 minutes, then the second 10 minutes, and then only did half of the third abs 10 min… I am wiped out after each session but I had to keep going because I was trying to squeeze in as much as possible before the baby wakes up! I had to do the modified moves and wasn’t really able to do it all that well but I did what I could.

I am going to make sure that I am fully outfitted and change the living area so I don’t keep stepping on Roger’s toys and such.I am also going to wear a better bra the next time around because my breastfeeding boobs did not like the warm up bouncing at all.

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