Juggling Sick Kids and Exercise
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It was not setting up to be a very good day. My toddler son Roger was still sick with a fever and had to stay home from school. My husband had to go to jury duty today as well so I was ready to give up the idea of getting any exercise in. I was up at 6am because Roger woke up screaming again and Jane woke up soon enough after that and I was exhausted. Roger had this fever since Friday afternoon and it has made his sleep awful, and as a result our whole family’s sleep is not so good either.

James left to go to the court house in Oakland at 7:40am and I was on the phone with the pediatrician at 8:30am. I made the appointment for 11:30am, which allows for Jane to have her morning nap. I managed to finagle Roger and Jane into the stroller and I walked the children to the pediatrician’s office, and James came to meet us as he was dismissed from jury duty! Yeah! one of my prayers answered.

Doctor says Roger has a nasty virus. No ear infection or any respiratory issues.

James drove us home, and we had lunch before Roger and Jane was put to bed again. I read some email and got through the Total Body part of the 10 minute trainer DVD. Jane woke up, so I brought her out to the living room, and she watched me in between playing with her toys while I finished the lower body and then the abs. I was so pleased that I managed to do my exercises again! Roger slept quite a long time. I hope that this means that he is on the mend.

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