Making up for Yesterday
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A much better day today though I am still exhausted. Jane has not been great at sleeping and has been fussing every hour and half or so all night. Roger seems to be on the mend so he goes to preschool today.

Normally I would take a nap in the morning when Jane sleeps as well but today I felt the need to catch up with the exercise deficit from yesterday so I popped in the Total Body DVD (Disc 1) and played all. Jane woke up right after I finished the Lower Body exercises so I paused the DVD and brought her out to the exersaucer and she giggled in amusement while I grunted through the abs workout section with her watching me.

After my workout, I made a chocolate shakeology drink for lunch afterwards and did some cleaning up around the house. When Jane took her second afternoon nap, I called the preschool to check on Roger. The teachers say that Roger was doing just fine and his old self, so I hopped on the elliptical, but was only able to complete 25 minutes of it before she woke up and yelled for me.

The weather was beautiful out after yesterday’s rain so I took Jane out on the stroller and walked to the supermarket to get a few things and then walked back. It was a good exercise day after all, and I feel energetic even though I did not get much in the way of quality sleep.


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