A Week of Sickness and Teething
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Even though by Wednesday everyone was fine (as in without fever or gastrointestinal issues),  for the rest of the week, the evenings were still full of crying and wakings. Why? Teething! Both my son Roger and my daughter Jane were teething. Roger’s mack molar popped through and my daughters first tooth cut through the gums!

Being tired took its toll. On Thurday 2/9, I did the 10 Minute Trainer Total Body and Abs sessions but not very well. I just couldn’t focus and follow very well. I ended up taking her out for a 2 mile walk instead.

Friday (2/10)  was slightly better: I was able to complete 55 minutes of cardio on our home elliptical machine and complete 10 Minute Trainer Abs session before my daughter woke up from her morning nap.

Saturday and Sunday I simply walked a lot. Jane was not napping too well so it was the best course of action for me to take. It is definitely becoming more normal for me to take 10,000 steps a day! I have broken through 15,000 steps twice since using Fitbit and my average daily steps is in the 11K.

I have been pretty good about my caloric goals for the most part. Saturday my husband and I went on our Valentine’s Day (since Tuesday is the actual Valentine’s Day we couldn’t do our celebration then) and dinner out threw a curve ball into the whole food calorie counting thing but since I did walk a lot on Saturday I felt fine about it. Plus, the portions at the restaurant were not big so we did not stuff ourselves silly. We enjoyed conversing and slowly eating for 2 hours.



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