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There are few things in the world more clarifying for me than loving my own children. I really learned to love in a way that I have never loved before, and that love brought forth more truths about myself that I never realized. My children are incredibly good health motivators for me.

When my husband and I started to try conceiving our children, I quit my 4-cigarette a day habit. I had always enjoyed that cigarette after a nice meal but it was not compatible with having children (a much bigger goal), so I gave it up, quite easily. I realized that I was to be their example and role model, and it made me want to be better than what I am. Having a fit mommy who is healthy, happy, and living well is bigger reason than any obstacle that may present itself.

I also realized that I am middle-aged now, and I need to prepare for what is ahead — old age. Exercise has been proven to be an important ingredient in greater independence, less pain, and a sharper mind in old age. People who exercise regularly have sharper, more active old age (e.g. Jack Lalanne, Peter Drucker, Vidal Sassoon).

I realized that I needed to change my habits because my body has changed now that I have had children and am getting older. Unless I was willing to let myself fall into the fat trap, then the change has to happen now. It won’t get easier for me if I wait longer.

If I want to be successful and sharp in the work that I do, then I need to have a body that is running optimally. The mind and the body are connected and I need to honor that truth. I will be more likely to succeed in my endeavors when I am physically fit and mentally alert as a result.

Motivation is the desire and reason to do things, but in life what we do (or put off doing) are not always what makes us happy or what is good for us. Having a reason, a why that is bigger than the challenges will help you focus and reach your goals. Motivated by our true self, we may do things that are not pleasant to us and yet be focused on our goals enough to achieve what truly makes us happy. Knowing oneself and acting on that knowledge is the key to happiness.

Action may not always bring happiness; but there is no happiness without action. — Benjamin Disraeli


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