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I used to have this 24 Hour Fitness club membership for the longest time. I started way back in the late 1990s and paid a lot of money for the first 5 years and then it became a “maintenance” account that I only had to pay $20 a year to keep. Even though I am not much of a gym person, I paid it in case I ever needed it. Well lo and behold I allowed the darn thing to lapse because I got pregnant, moved, and then I had children (yes plural), and moved again. Life got in the way of my maintaining this gym membership and try as I may I couldn’t get 24 Hour Fitness to give this back to me. They wanted me to sign up a new membership (with contract and initiation fee) or I could be added on to my husband’s account for $28 a month, but I better act quick because that price is going up next week, I was told while I held my baby in my arms. The membership guy told me that they simply don’t offer the kind of deal I have any more . Darn, why was I so mommy-brained and why did I let that thing lapse!

I was a bit bummed out but I walked out of there and I did not get a new membership. I decided to move on. There are many reasons why signing up a new gym membership just doesn’t make sense for me anymore. The biggest reason was that few 24 Hour Fitness had child care. And even if they did, my little girl is going through some serious separation anxiety right now and I couldn’t just leave her. Even when I was child-free I didn’t really enjoy going to the gym that much. I wasn’t into the social scene there (in fact it can creep me out sometimes) and being at the gym actually made me feel self conscious. Add in driving time, dealing with parking (not always free), the crowd, the class schedules, and having to wait for the machines, etc. I just didn’t like the experience as a whole.

Home gym was the way to go for me. It was the only way I can have flexibility and have things work completely with my schedule.

Weighing the Pros and Cons: Home Gym Team BeachBody Club Gym
Cost of Membership None; considering online membership like DailyBurn ($120 annually) Not required; SuperGym free first month, $155 annually, which provides meal plans $30/month, $360 annually
Commute Cost No commute No commute Cost of gas, est. $50,
10 minutes each time
Cost of Equipment $120 for workout DVDs and various equipment like weights, exercise ball, medicine ball, and resistance bands. $196 (includes taxes shipping and handling) for 10 Minute Trainer DVD with resistence band, Shakeology 1 month supply None
Locker and towel service costs extra
Accountability None Coach, Online Community
Additional incentive: Chance to win $1000 everyday just for working out
None. Trainers cost a lot more extra (about $70/hour)

I decided to join in with my coach Joy (who I know personally and locally) on her Team Beachbody Challenge, as this way I was not on my own. I had accountability as a way to keep me focused on a goal and a community to share with and ask questions as I learn. The 10 Minute Trainer Challenge Pack provided everything I needed to start, and having the Shakeology helps in the diet aspect of the weight loss goal. Shakeology is normally $130 so when that is considered the cost of the DVD with resistance band is $70. I did my homework by checking out the reviews of Team Beachbody DVDs on Amazon, and they get a lot of rave reviews, and 10 Minute Trainer ($89.95 on Amazon) was 4 stars reviewed by over 110 people. Plus, I know that I would be able to return everything if I am not satisfied for some reason.

Here’s my post on my first work out with the Team Beachbody 10 Minute Trainer and a future post on my 30-days experience with the Challenge Pack!


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