My 30 Day Challenge Experience, Part 1: Shakeology
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I never thought that I would love to drink a shake. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the occasional ice cream milk shake every once or twice a year, but drinking an chocolate ice cream shake everyday would be insanity. I hated the idea of protein shakes. My husband used to drink these vanilla Cytogain protein shakes and having tasted that I never thought that I would want to drink a shake, ever. I changed my mind about trying Shakeology after my son slapped my belly fat, though.

As a part of my Team Beachbody 30-Day Challenge, I got the 10 Minute Trainer Pack with a 30-day supply of Shakeology, and I decided on the chocolate flavor. Even before it came, I took a look at all the ingredients on and thought that it looked pretty decent, more like a big nutrition/vitamin shake. Once I received it, I tried it just with water and ice. Taste is a very individual thing, but I actually liked it. My husband, who  totally has a sweet tooth, also liked it, but prefers it with milk or almond milk added. My two year old son also took a liking to it.

Shakeology comes in a couple of other flavors: Greenberry and Tropical Strawberry (this is the vegan one that just came out). I don’t like the Greenberry very much, and I was glad that I didn’t taste this flavor as a first try because I don’t really like it. When there is nothing or only almond milk added, it doesn’t really taste berry, so I think this is one that you would add berries or other things in it to make it taste good. Tropical Strawberry flavor is OK, but Chocolate remains my favorite of the three.

On the practical side, I think Shakeology does make it easier to restrict my daily total intake of calories. It makes one less meal to worry about for me, and that is definitely helpful for a busy mom. I like that it is an easy breakfast for me to make for both myself and my husband. Admittedly, I have never had so much chocolate in my life, and it feels odd to think of this chocolate drink as a health drink.

I do not have much of a sweet tooth, but I must say that it unexpectedly solved my postpartum gastrointestinal problem. I had gastrointestinal problems throughout my second pregnancy that my doctor said would go away after delivering my baby. After the birth of my daughter, the problem eased but was nowhere close to gone. I was really upset by this problem with gas and constipation. I ate fiber, and even drank “smooth moves” tea for it but it wasn’t really helping me completely. A week after I started drinking Shakeology I noticed that I was not having the constipation and gas like I used to, and I was hooked!

With Shakeology, watching my diet, and exercise (10 Minute Trainer and regular walks), I lost 8 lbs in 29 days, almost 2.75 inches around my waist. My husband did not go on any diet or exercise plan and drank the Shakeology only and told me that his pants fit a little better after the first 29 days of drinking it for breakfast everyday.

I never thought that I would love a shake but I do love my daily chocolate Shakeology! I liked it so much because of how much better it made me feel, I decided to become a coach so I can get it at a good discount.


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