Tired but Squeezing in Some Exercise
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It has been one of those weeks… Since the weekend I have been dealing with what seems to be a bunch of life’s obstacles that makes it just a little harder for me to have a good exercise day. I depend on this blog to help me work on my goals and keep motivated, but it has been hard to get on the computer so the result is that I have not blogged much.

My baby is having trouble sleeping and napping normally lately (more teething), which means that I am having a harder time squeezing in a workout during her nap. When I do, I am super tired because I have not been getting restful sleep. She is also more needy during the day that sometimes I just carry that 22 lb baby pacing around the house to keep her happy. That should count as a workout! My usual plan B of going out for a stroll has been thwarted by the rain, which has been heavy. I am managing to squeeze in about 30 minutes each day of some form of exercise, either the DVD (still using 10 Minute Trainer for now) or cardio on my home elliptical machine. I have only been able to stick to my diet eating plan but only because I have an iPhone app.

I know that I have to allow for these things to happen and give myself some slack. I am executing a new lifestyle, not a perfect plan. It has been only less than 2 months since I started to establish new habits and it can take a while before it becomes sticky. As this is a self personal development “program,” I am forming several supporting habits all at the same time so it is not something that happens quickly, and certainly not in the “21 days” as it is popularly believed.

I will have new long blog posts that will be forthcoming once I am more clear-minded and energetic. There are things that I have learned and thought about but have not had time to put down in an articulate fashion.

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