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I finished up my Turbo Jam 30 days on April 15th, but I really have not had much time to write about it. It has been a whirlwind of illnesses in the household to keep me tired and busy, and I have chosen to exercise or nap over writing in my blog. Blogging, or journaling is important, but it does not rank quite as high has exercise or nap, so here I am writing a week after.

I did a few things wrong in the past month with this program. First of all, because I see myself as a beginner, I chose the Beginner program instead of the Advanced. There was literally 3 rest days in a row the first week. I didn’t do nothing on those rest days, but that  and the 2 days of rest days the second week were definitely signs that I probably should have gone with the Advanced program schedule. Then, there was the misstaken calorie count of the sandwiches from Safeway, which I stopped eating since I found out how it was sabotaging my efforts.

Here are my measurements:

DATE   Weight   Body Fat %
3/18      134.7       27.8%
4/15       129         25.7%

While I expected to to have my weight loss slow since the percentage of body weight by pound is going to decrease since I did lose some weight, I think the two factors definitely slowed down my weight loss, even more than expected. I am happy that there is progress never the less — I still did lose 1% of my body weight every week, and I am nearly in the normal body fat percentage range!

This past week I have been trying out different things in my exercise routine. I haven’t run in a long long time… and I have decided that I wanted to start running. More on this in the next post!

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