Starting Brazil Butt Lift Today
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I have a Chinese girl butt. Translation: I have a flat butt.

Now that I am closer to my goal weight I figure it is time to work on the butt, which is why I am glad to start the Brazil Butt Lift DVD from Beachbody. Here’s what the program consists of:

3 DVDs
Disc 1: Booty Basics (20min), Bum Bum (35 min)
Disc 2: High & Tight (35 min), Sculpt (50 min)
Disc 3: Cardio Axe (30 min), Tummy Tuck (20 min)

I also received an extra DVD called Secret Weapon Workout: A 20-Minute Precision Toning Routine.

I auto-scheduled the routine for Lift & Shape: The Flat Solution and started on Day 1 today, which consists of the Booty Basic introduction and the Bum Bum session. I was very lucky that my baby was very tired today and actually slept over an hour because I actually had to troubleshoot an A/V problem before I could play the DVD. I took my measurements and took my before picture and I was able to complete the workout before she woke up!

This workout was not easy, and even though the first disc was not a cardio program, I was huffing and puffing!

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