Meh- My Week Was A Mixed Bag
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I am, admittedly, not having the greatest past two weeks. I have been having some increased annoyances with my clicky hip in spite of having been quite diligent about doing my physical therapy once a week for the past 3 months. It has actually gotten a bit worse and now my hip will click when I put on my shoes and do simple every day stuff like step over my children’s toys some times. My physical therapist tells me that the increased clicking in my hip could be caused by overtraining so I might need to rest more. I don’t know if I like that diagnosis at all, because I don’t think I have been really working THAT hard.

I have been having a hard time with my daughter Jane, who is in a state of transition with her naps. She has been at times napping only once during the day instead of the usual two, and it can really through things off for me especially since I do my workouts during her naps. I am finding myself more tired and in need of sleep as well. So I sometimes end up taking a nap while my daughter naps and I don’t get as much time working out in as I would like. I still manage to do something most days (I still can walk or use the gym with childcare, so I do), but now I actually add in rest days because I feel like I might benefit from it. I am paying greater attention to the different signals my body gives me and I hope that I am doing right.

I have been hovering at the same weight for the past few weeks but I do not feel discouraged by the scale because I am still dropping inches and I feel more muscles in my arms and my bum. As inaccurate as those body fat numbers can be, I am seeing lower body fat percentage being reported by my Tanita scale. I am actually in the 22% range for body fat! I am about 6 lbs away from my “ideal weight” according to my body fat percentage goal and it is getting close! I probably won’t hit that goal by my daughter’s first birthday on Memorial Day but I actually am only 1lb away from my original goal, so I guess I will make my original goal (125 lbs) by her first birthday as opposed to my revised goal (120lbs, 20% body fat).¬†Once I hit that goal, my next goal will be to build more muscle so that once I stop breastfeeding, I can still eat more.

Brushing off the “meh” and moving forward! I am off to take a blood panel tomorrow and have a follow-up doctor appointment to discuss the results next week. Very excited to see if all the changes I have made are paying off in other ways.

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