I Have Achieved My Initial Goal Weight
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As of today, I have achieve my very original goal weight when I started out this journey. I weighed in at 124.8 pounds right on the morning of my daughter’s 1 year birthday. When I started, I figure that 125 lbs is a good goal because that is approximately how much I weighed when I married my husband. Back then I was not fit, I did not go on a diet or exercise regime for my wedding, but it felt like it was a nice goal because it was (gasp!) 5 and 1/2 years ago! Two kids later, I was 147 lbs and I literally gave away all my “skinny clothes” because I thought I would never be able to fit into them again and they were hurting my feelings and taking up closet space at the same time.

Here are my measurements along the way:

Date 2/1/2012 3/1/2012 3/18/2012 4/15/2012 5/19/2012
Body Fat % 33.5 28.8 27.8 25.7 23
Weight 145.2 137.8 134.7 129 126
Chest 41.25 38.25 38 37.5 36
Waist 36.5 34 34 33.2 32
Hips 37.75 36.5 36 36 35
Right Thigh 23.5 22 20.75 20.2 20.1
Left Thigh 23.5 22 20.75 20.5 19.8
Right Arm 11 11 10.8 10.5 10.2
Left Arm 10.5 10.5 10.5 10.4 10.1

Here’s the picture progress:

Can you see the improvement? Well, to be honest with you, when I was taking these pictures I really can’t but those pictures did keep me motivated while the measurements encouraged me more. Even though I lost more weight in the first few weeks I was not happy with my before and after picture at all because I did not like what I see. If I did not keep track of the actual tape measurements, I would have been discouraged just by the pictures. Even now I still am a bit annoyed to have a bit of the jelly belly with me but I am going to keep working on it! One of the instructors for my group classes told me that I may not see very dramatic results until I stop breastfeeding since my body is still dealing with hormones and such. I am not sure if I will stop breastfeeding just yet but I definitely will still be working on my fitness.

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