Starting A New 90-Day Challenge Program: Les Mills Pump
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I started a new 90-day exercise program, Les Mills Pump, today. Previous to this, I had only been working on 30-day programs. I was thinking it would be good to “cross train” and check out new programs often since it would keep my body guessing, but part of me is a bit tired of switching programs every month! I have heard of people that I know having great results with this workout, and since I have been interested in doing more weight/resistance training exercise, I decided to get this one. This program was not cheap, so I am glad that the hubby was super supportive!

The program is by far one of the most polished of the ones that I have seen. It is also interesting that this program has multiple trainers. In fact, on my first workout today there are 5 trainers (3 men, 2 women) for the 25 minute Pump Challenge session. They are quite well coordinated with each other and each takes turn at the “center stage” position on a particular exercise. This program is definitely designed for all levels, men or women.

This class is a lot like the Weight Works class that I take sometimes at my club, and I will enjoy having it here at home to use. The program sessions are pretty manageable time length-wise for a busy mom. The longest workout is 55 minutes long. I am looking forward to continuing this program for the next 90 days and using this in combination with running and classes at the club.


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