My Hearty Baby Girl Had the Roseola Virus
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Finally I can find the time to post a blog post… It has been a crazy two and a half weeks. We started a new schedule for the summer with my son spending more time with me and only going to preschool in the afternoons for a few hours, and my daughter, whose nickname is “Hearty” had her second fever since being born a little over a year ago. This bout of illness lasted about 4 days and 5 nights, and it was really rough. It made me wish I had my kids in my twenties because I cannot pull all-nighters the way I used to! The lack of sleep really hurts at my age!

Between the schedule change, my exercise goals, my studying, and personal development reading, I had little time to post on my blog. I made some feeble attempt to work on the blog as I intend to spruce it up with better design but all I ended up doing was update the WordPress up to 3.41 and some plugins as well. Truth be told, my exercise comes first now and I had trouble with that. I had to switch up rest days at times and cram things in between the laundry and cooking. If I did not have a supportive husband, I would have literally not been able to get much exercise in at all. ┬áJane had her highest fever yet at the mid-103 and she would wake up crying every 1-2 hours, even after the fever subsided! Once the fever was gone her torso broke out in red rashes which indicated that she had the Roseola virus. That’s the trouble with these viruses — you just don’t know what you have until it is on its way out the door.

This week we had the July 4th falling in the middle of the week, so that was weird. The good news is that I was able to catch up on my reading for the ACE CPT course. I managed to get some reading in for my personal goal setting as well as my home management initiative. I have a race (Eden’s Run to the Lake) coming up this Sunday that will involve the whole family! We got our jogging stroller ready and I am excited to participate. While this is my 3rd 5K, it is the first one that my husband will be running with me on. My boy will be joining in on the run as well, so it is a whole-family affair!

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