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The past few weeks since my last post has been a tough one. My little baby Jane is teething again and restful sleep has been hard to come by. I managed to pinch a nerve or hurt a muscle in my shoulder girdle, so it has not been comfortable. I have been working hard on reading as much as possible to keep up with my ACE CPT schedule, so writing has fallen by the way side. One of my biggest frustrations the past few weeks is socially-related. I have been trying to find a fitness buddy, or a running partner, without much success at all.

Since becoming a mother, especially since becoming a stay-at-home mother, my social life has been quite lacking. I try to join the local mother’s club but I am often unable to make the evening meetings because my husband doesn’t get home until after 7pm and the hours 7pm to 9pm are one of the most hectic and busy times of my day. Every other mother I know is just as busy, and they all have different schedules so it is incredibly rare for me to have an adult conversation with another person, with or without kids.

Me and my only running buddy

Since I started running, I have wanted to find a running partner, but this too has eluded me. I have asked friends, neighbors, posted on forums, even started a subgroup in the mother’s club for fitness, but so far no match. There is a lot to coordinate — schedules, preferred modes of exercise, and running pace is also a concern. I am not giving up yet as I am looking at other websites that help you to find running partners, but I have a feeling I may be running on that treadmill and training alone for a longer while. Sigh.

Maybe that’s why people get a dog?

I chewed over my frustration on Facebook and a wise fellow mommy runner said this:

“For all that knowing other runners is great, running alone is its own gift. As for long distance races, it is important to know how to run alone: you are likely to run at least part if not all alone… Finding the strength, both inside and out, to “run your own race” is what running is all about.”

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