Finding a New Rhythm and Getting My Groove Back
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I have a new level of veneration for moms who tend to multiple children and their family without the help of family nearby.  Modern life has made motherhood more isolated and difficult in some ways and I am starting to think that maybe co-op and communal living arrangements might have some advantages.

In August, I lost my groove. My fitness routine took a hit because I didn’t sleep enough. Children change a lot month to month especially when they are infants and toddlers — my daughter literally had 4 teeth erupt in one month, and it looks like more may be coming. My children are naturally difficult sleepers but teething takes the difficulty to a new level. I had to take a break from exercise and rest for a couple of weeks. Then we got hit hand foot mouth disease, which took another two weeks. Now 20 days into September I am still recovering from last month’s setback. I am still trying to find a new routine that will work, and I am still searching for that feeling of being in a good groove.

I am learning that life as a mother can be a real moving target, and being a mother of two young children ramps up the difficulty, like having to hit two birds with one stone all the time. Whereas I used to be able to do some home video workout when they are napping, I can no longer do this and get enough rest since I am not getting enough restful sleep at night. I now use the nap time to take a nap myself, so I must find time during the day time to exercise. We have found a new gym with child care, but it is still a new environment for them to get used to. I have hopes that in a few more weeks they will be able to get used to going, even though right now they do not seem to like going very much. I was pleased that I managed to run the Title9K with my son in a stroller last weekend, and I actually had a good workout during the earlier part of this week. This coming weekend will be the time change where we will “fall back” an hour, another challenging time for parents.

I have a feeling that I will always be trying to find the right balance with working out and rest, strength training and cardiovascular exercise, time for myself and time for my family. Such is life — change is to be expected, and one must adapt.

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