Lake Chabot 5 Mile Run
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I started my weekend on a wonderful note — getting up at 7am isn’t exactly easy or fun considering I had multiple wakings during the night on account of my daughter’s cold but I left my sleeping family and managed to get to Lake Chabot at 7:50am in time to pick up my bib and run my 5 miles on time at 8:15am. I felt like a total wimp though, since it looked like there was quite a crowd there for half marathon, full marathon, and 50K!

In spite of my own technical difficulties with the RunKeeper app, a shoelace that keeps coming undone (got to research how to better tie my darn shoes!) and some of the effects of fatigue from not enough sleep, I felt that I did reasonably well given that it was my first run with such elevation. I did get quite confused about how well I actually did time-wise, given that the time that was on the clock showed 50:08 as I hit the finish line, the MyLaps timing chip and Facebook post showed that I finished in 46:03, with average pace of 9:12/mile, which must be completely wrong because I know I do not run that fast, especially not on a trail!

I had a couple of nearly-injured my-ankles moments, where I corrected myself and luckily did not twist my ankle while running down the incline on an uneven trail. For this I have yoga and some balance work that I have done for my weak ankle. I will have to dress more appropriately the next time, though, because even as my body warmed up my hands were still freezing cold! I saw one of the guys wear a sleeve with gloves and I really need to get one of those!

I was glad that I did it, and this race made me want to do even more trail runs as well as take more advantage of this wonderful Lake Chabot park that is so close to me. I love that when I got home at 9:10AM, I found my husband cooking pancakes and feeding our children, and they were all in their pajamas still. I took a shower feeling great and got the kids dressed, then we went to our club so the my husband can get a workout and I got a post-race mani-pedi as a treat to myself while our kids are in the gym childcare which they now finally enjoy and look forward to going.

Now tonight I have daylight savings time to look forward to. I am sure my children will end up waking me up even though it took them an extra hour tonight to settle to sleep.

Next week I get to find out the results of the MRI on my knees. Can’t wait to hear what the sports medicine doctor tells me!

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