New Year’s Eve Lake Chabot 10K by Brazen Racing
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I did a 10K today but I really only walked about half of the length. This course was the toughest trail course I have done this far (I have done very few) and had a lot of elevation. I had been psyching myself for the race for the whole week before this run because of the weather forecast. It has been cold and rain was forecasted. While there was no rain during the race, there was some rain the night before and during the early morning, which made the trail muddy.

Here’s the elevation map showing the steep incline:

Lake Chabot 10K Elevation

Lake Chabot 10K Elevation

The biggest factor in slowing everyone down was the steep incline, but there was also the slippery and sticky mud along the way. Half the time I was just trying not to eat it in the mud. The elevation led to some great views of the East Bay, though, and it was quite nice to discover this part of Lake Chabot park that I had never ventured in.

I fully expected to suck, though I guess I didn’t suck as bad as I thought. I finished 145 out of 311 overall, and 10th out of 33 in my age group.

I did not have my Nike FuelBand on me because the battery died and I had to charge it, but I did use my Nike Plus app on the iPhone and tracked my route:

Nike+ Map

The wonderful thing is that this time, unlike last time, I was very much warm and not too hot during the whole time. My last Lake Chabot run had warmer temperature but i was cold most of the time even after warming up because my hands were cold. Being outfitted more deliberately this time made a big difference for me in feeling good during the run. I made the proper investment — I was geared up with Mizuno Running Women’s Breath Thermo Layered Tight, a very nice ASICS Reflector running jacket, Asics Men’s Storm Shelter Cap, and even a pair of Manzella Women’s Windstopper-10 Glove to keep me warm! The Salomon Speedcross 3 trail shoes I wore last time came in handy as well.

Running in comfort

Running in comfort

When I finally got home, I was greeted by my husband and children, who were enjoying pancakes and sausages.

I am looking forward to returning for the 5K on New Year’s Day!

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