A Personal Update: My Hiatus from Blogging
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My last blog post was in May 13th and since then I have:

  • Looked for a house, bought a house
  • Readied and put the old house up for sale
  • Moved my family to the new house
  • Hunted for new preschools to put my kids in part time and settled them into the chosen new school
  • Packed and (still) unpacking our belonging
  • Decluttered a bunch, used Freecycle and Craigslist a lot
  • Dealt with and managed moving services, utilities, and contractors

All those things listed above has caused quite a bit of chaos in my ability to do things like blog. I had to say goodbye to a town, many friends, and the gym that I loved. It felt like a major feat just to be able to attend a couple foot races with my son in tow and deal with all the packing and unpacking involved, settling two young children to a new home and new preschool, managing two real estate transactions and different contractors involved in the moving to a new house and out of the old one.  I managed to attend two races: See Jane Run 2013 in Alameda (I didn’t feel the event was as nicely done this year so I didn’t blog about it) and the Run to the Lake in Castro Valley on July 7th with my family  (it was more of a fun thing for the whole family to do together).

I won’t lie — Keeping up a decent fitness routine has been a challenge. I actually stopped working out for 3 weeks with all the packing and unpacking I had to do. I probably was losing my mind thinking I can get it done but unpacking during all my free time considering I really didn’t have much free time away from kids, that I had contractors in and out of the house the first week at our new house, and plus two toddlers to undo most any cleaning I do as is.

Even now I am not unpacked completely and things are not all as nice as I would like. I am still struggling to get settled and I am struggling to get back into a exercise routine.

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