Refocusing on Fat Loss Goal
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Since my experience with under-resting (or overtraining), I decided that my focus will be on getting stronger. I want to gain more muscle, get stronger, and avoid injury. I have been fairly successful at avoiding the level of injury since last summer. I have not had symptoms of under-resting except for the occasional muscle strain and aches. Instead of weighing myself 2-3 times a week like when I started this blog, I have been weighing myself about 1-2 times a month for the past year. Even though I have never even tried to lose weight until after having my second child, the few weighings this past year has revealed to me how vulnerable I am to the mental idea of weight.

I weigh about 140-142lbs right now, and I have to remind myself not to freak out sometimes. Even though my body fat composition has really not gone up too much according to the scale (which I know is actually higher than my actual because of my hydrostatic testing experience), I still fit into my clothes just fine, and I know that I am getting stronger because I have been upping my weights steadily in the past 10 months, I still have a hard time with that number because I am more accustomed to myself weighing around 125-130lbs.

I stopped tracking my food intake with all the moving and life changes, but I definitely should start doing it again to lose fat, and I think it is good to do ever so often just to recalibrate.

I am also going to recalibrate by reading some books. I plan on re-reading Tom Venuto’s Body Fat Solution and I also plan on reading Leigh Peele’s Starve Mode book.

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