2013: My Year of Shifting and Grinding Gears
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My 2013 has been a year of many changes. Just as I was getting comfortable or hitting my stride, something will shift beneath my feet. It could be a terrible bout of the flu that hits the family, having to move (and buy and sell a house in the process), dealing with change in my husband’s, getting the kids acclimated to a new school, getting into a new routine, getting pregnant, going on vacation, having the pregnancy end in miscarriage at 10 weeks, having the kids school on break, then getting back off the holiday schedule again, ugh.

Being on vacation and then the holidays has not been helpful to my fitness. Even though I continued to work out after finding out about my pregnancy, I was then thwarted by our Thanksgiving vacation to visit my in-laws in Florida. It was a hell of a trip for many reasons, and traveling with two young toddlers made working out difficult for me. In the two weeks we were there, I only got to exercise 3 times, and not as rigorously as I usually do. The very last run I had in 2013 was a Turkey Trot (5K) in Ponte Vedra, Florida.

I hadn’t posted since end of October, and a lot has happened since. My body has gone through a lot within the last two and a half months! Shortly after my October post, I found out that the pudginess and bloating that had been bothering me was due to the fact that I was pregnant. I got all excited and thinking that my blog would be about being a fit preggers this time around, but as it turned out, I was diagnosed with “early pregnancy failure” at my ultrasound appointment on December 18, the week before Christmas!

Before I had gotten pregnant, I was all set to cut some body fat; I actually had a draft post about that goal. A few days later, I found out I was pregnant and confirmed it at the doctor’s office, so that fat cutting plan was postponed. Even though I was pregnant only a short amount of time, my body fat percentage actually shot up a bit, to 31.8% (yikes!).┬áNow that my pregnancy has ended, I want to get back to that goal, so I am gearing up to do that for 2014.

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