Missing the Race
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On Saturday, I was supposed to be at a Brazen Racing 10K at Hellyer but I had to miss it. I had been all set to go, picked up my bib and goodie bags early, and even psyched myself up to run in the rain. The night before the race, however, my son started to complain about ear pain (without fever) and was not able to go to sleep or stay asleep for very long. Roger went to sleep at 11:30pm but didn’t stay asleep for long and woke up a little after 4am in the morning complaining and whining. Even if I had the heart to leave my husband all by himself with half of my two kids not feeling good, I would not feel good about driving drowsy in the rain since I have read Driving Drowsy Just as Dangerous as Drunk Driving.

I would not be able to enter into another race for at least a month because I am on a budget, but I am determined to run better when I am at the gym. And I will be watching out for another race at Hellyer because I have been wanting to check out that course (new to me) for a while since moving to Fremont.

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