Mothers Day Weekend Mermaid Run

Most of April has been a very hard month for me. Nothing like having to deal with preschool issues, moving your kids out of preschool, and finding a new preschool to get the stress level up. Things were stressful enough for me that I felt it physically, and my muscles were feeling tight the moment I wake up from sleep in my neck and shoulders. After my last run (where I had a tough time with a stroller), and then missing a race, I really needed to have something for myself.

The Mermaid Run on Mother’s Day weekend was a welcomed change of pace for me. Thanks to a supportive husband, who escorted our son (without little daughter in tow) to his Saturday morning hockey class, I was able to run at this event stroller and kid-free. I was able to enjoy running the race with my friends. I didn’t try to push for a PR, I just enjoyed the fun, ran at a leisurely and comfortable pace, and talked with my friend the whole time. It was a very joyful experience.

The 10K course I ran as mapped out on Nike+

The 10K course I ran as mapped out on Nike+

This year’s Mermaid race is by far more well-attended, but the race did not pay for the parking fees, which caused a huge traffic jam, the worst that I have ever seen for any race at Quarry Lakes! Hopefully they will learn from this and simply include the cost of parking in their fees next year.



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