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Les Mill’s Bodypump vs Mossa’s Group Power

When I switched gym from 24 Hour Fitness to ClubSport Fremont, I had to change over from the Les Mills classes I knew and loved to a different one. My favorite barbell class was Les Mills BodyPump but ClubSport does not use Les Mills. They had a class called Group Power instead.

What is the difference? Apparently BTS was part of Les Mills until an they broke off in 2005. It was a bad break up: Instructors and clubs had to decide whether to stay with Les Mills or go with the maverick BTS. Instructors were forbidden to teach both programs, even for separate clubs. Les Mills kept its group of classes, including BodyPump, BodyFlow and BodyStep. BTS introduced its own line-up, featuring GroupPower, GroupStep and GroupCentergy.


Group Power tends to have a more of mix in different type of music. Nostalgia can play into your Group Power workout more often because Mossa will remix old songs from way back when. You will find yourself doing those barbells to a fast mix of Pink Floyd! There were quite a few times I found myself enjoying songs that I didn’t think I would enjoy pushing weights to, and sometimes I might even feel old because I find myself thinking “I remember when that original came out!”

Take a look at this playlist example from October 2015:

1 WARM-UP This Is The Moment / Max & Simon
2 LEGS Today / Scooter feat. Vassy
3 CHEST Dude (Looks Like A Lady) / Aerosmith
4 BACK & LEGS Outside / Calvin Harris feat. Ellie Goulding
5 TRICEPS Celebrate / Pitbull
6 BICEPS Heaven Knows / The Pretty Reckless
7 MORE LEGS Cold As Ice / Foreigner
8 SHOULDERS Jump Around / Farlan
9 CORE Oh Cecilia  / The Vamps feat. Shawn Mendes
10 STRETCH Thinking Out Loud / Ed Sheeran
11 BONUS WARM-UP The Days / Avicii
12 BONUS SHOULDERS Rock The Drum / Omar J

The bonus tracks are sometimes used by the instructors to change things up.


Les Mills BodyPump sessions often feels like I am at a night club. They use a lot more newer music and keep the beat going very well. Like Group Power, there are 10 tracks, starting with warm up, but Les Mills Body Pump often treats their leg workouts differently. Where you will often find lunges mixed in with squats in the legs track for Group Power, it is often separated out in BodyPump in a separate track, allowing you to use lighter weights for the lunges. In Group Power, they are just Legs, Back & Legs, then More Legs.

Here’s an example of their recent Track 95 Playlist:

1 – Warm- up Outside Calvin Harris feat. Ellie Goulding
2 – Squats Bukem Autoerotique & 4B
3- Chest Uptown Funk Mark Ronson feat. Bruno Mars
4 – Back Beautiful World (Radio Edit) Blasterjaxx & DBSTF feat. Ryder
5- Triceps Irresistible Fall Out Boy
6 – Biceps GDFR Flo Rida feat. Sage The Gemini & Lookas
7 – Lunges Burnin Calvin Harris & R3Hab
8 – Shoulder I Am Machine Three Days Grace
9 – Core Sugar Maroon 5
10-  Cooldown Brother NEEDTOBREATHE feat. Gavin DeGraw


Breastfeeding, Body fat, and Patience

For a month, around when my baby was 7 months old, I was doing great. I was doing well with slowing shedding my weight, and at my last 10 pounds. Or so I thought.

14120BreastfeedingI finally pushed down to my pre-pregnancy weight and was looking forward to looking more fit when life interfered. I was hit by a triple whammy last month: baby started solids, the family got sick, and then a growth spurt. What this basically translated to is that my consistency in tracking went out the window, I was thrown off my exercise routine, and my ability to get good sleep went to the toilet.

I am heavier, and struggling. I had to go back and look for answers if only to give me some sanity, mental strength and patience with myself. Why is this so hard?

Contrary to what people often say, the pounds don’t just melt off because you are breastfeeding. The breastfeeding-weight loss thing is a huge myth. I knew this when I had my first and second babies! They were the reason why I had to look hard at what I eat and learn about fitness. When breastfeeding, the hormone prolactin helps the body hang on to fat. I guess mother nature decided that you need that extra fat while your body is feeding another human being, just in case of famine.

The best formula for losing that baby weight is to eat according to hunger (not craving), drink according to thirst and exercise with a combination of strength training to boost your metabolism and cardiovascular exercise to burn off extra calories. Plus patience.

Every body’s different, and our body also changes with pregnancy. Possibly every pregnancy! I am learning that for me:

  • I have to track my intake in order to lose weight.
  • I will probably have to wait until I have weaned my baby for that last 5-10 pounds to come off.
  • Now that the baby is eating some solids, I need to adjust the calories again. (I had the 500 calories accounted for breastfeeding, but that is for exclusive breastfeeding.)
  • I have a weakness for holiday baking -Need to stop nibbling on the cakes and cookies I bake for the kids!
  • I still need to practice patience with myself, just as I practice patience with my children and my husband. It is something I need to practice for a lifetime.


First Family Run Since Baby #3

I literally ran my last race a year ago, and I just ran a 5K with the whole family, all 5 of us!
IMG_0012 The event was HERS Keep A Breast 10k/5k at the very nearby Quarry Lake. Though I have been running on the treadmill, I still have not gotten myself back up to 10k shape, so I elected to do the 5k instead. Even thought I had been doing well, running with babies and strollers was altogether another deal. Even though it was mostly flat, it won’t be completely flat so I wanted to focus on just getting out there and having fun.

There was plenty enough to worry about that I hadn’t done in a while: day before outfit prep, stroller checks, snack bagged, water bottles filled, and piling it all to the trunk of the car Tetris style to make it all fit. Basic time scheduling to make sure we are not late but also not too early so the kids don’t have much time to whine.

Luckily it all worked out pretty well. We got there and parking, picking up registration and bibs, and getting the kids ready were all pretty smooth. The only issue we had was getting stuck behind a lot of walkers in the first leg of the race. Next time we will get behind the 5k runners instead.
IMG_0016 This occasion also turned out to be the first time that my 6 year old son did a 5k without using the stroller at all! While my boy did not run the whole way, he managed to walk-run the 5k, and beat both me and my husband to the finish line,with us barely able to keep him in our visual. I was surprised and impressed at the same time. Roger lived high giving everyone and all the cheering. He couldn’t wait for the next race!

I will be looking forward to our next race, in a month.