San Jose Sharks Fitness Faceoff 2014

On Sunday, instead of the usual gym class we attended the 2nd San Jose Sharks Fitness Faceoff run that raises money for the Sharks Foundation. The race was in San Jose, it though it was the second one of its kind, it was the first for us.  My husband is a huge hockey fan and our son has also been ta...


Fitbit Flex vs. Nike Fuelband vs. Garmin Vivofit

Originally, I was going to just write a blog post about my experience with Fitbit Flex and Nike Fuelband (first generation), but then I ran into some issues with the Flex that made me curious about Garmin’s Vivofit so I purchased the item to try it out as well. For the past month and a half I...


Mothers Day Weekend Mermaid Run

Most of April has been a very hard month for me. Nothing like having to deal with preschool issues, moving your kids out of preschool, and finding a new preschool to get the stress level up. Things were stressful enough for me that I felt it physically, and my muscles were feeling tight the moment I...


Missing the Race

On Saturday, I was supposed to be at a Brazen Racing 10K at Hellyer but I had to miss it. I had been all set to go, picked up my bib and goodie bags early, and even psyched myself up to run in the rain. The night before the race, however, my son started to complain about ear pain (without fever) and...