Retiring Crosstrainers and Running Shoes

I recently experienced some heel pain and went to see my podiatrist. Her verdict: time to switch out the cross trainers! While I track my running shoes (more or less) I find it harder to track the usage of my cross trainers. After all, there is no rule of thumb based on mileage for cross-trainers. I...


A Personal Update: My Hiatus from Blogging

My last blog post was in May 13th and since then I have: Looked for a house, bought a house Readied and put the old house up for sale Moved my family to the new house Hunted for new preschools to put my kids in part time and settled them into the chosen new school Packed and (still) unpacking our be...


Mothers Day Weekend 2013

Yes my post is days late after Mothers Day weekend, but I really needed a few extra days to reflect. I actually had a lot of fun this Mothers Day weekend, and I did not find Mothers Day fun at all before becoming a mother. I did not have a good mother growing up so while everyone else is sentimental...


Spring Cleaning Time!

It is Spring now and I have gained a few pounds over the winter. It has been a tough winter — literally the family has had the flu, cold, ear infection, teething, growth spurt, fever, and coughing since January 7 and I am exhausted by all of it. My clothes are feeling snug — some of my e...


Getting Tanked: My First Hydrostatic Body Fat Test

After 5 weeks of a lot of back to back winter virus and kiddie cooties (flu, cold, ear infections, diarrhea, teething) I am finally struggling to get back into the swing of things. I had been looking forward to getting my body fat tested through hydrostatic teting, which is considered the most accur...