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Breastfeeding, Body fat, and Patience

For a month, around when my baby was 7 months old, I was doing great. I was doing well with slowing shedding my weight, and at my last 10 pounds. Or so I thought. I finally pushed down to my pre-pregnancy weight and was looking forward to looking more fit when life interfered. I was hit by a triple...


Getting Back Into Running Shape Postpartum

My baby turned exactly 4 months old on Fourth of July, and I wanted to get back into running. I took it easy for a while because of my 2-finger abdominal separation after giving birth to my third, a 9 pound 2 oz baby at birth, but I really missed it. For a while my breasts felt too weird to me and t...


Breastfeeding and Fat Loss Plateau

So it is 21 days into the month and I have about 9 days before my new goal deadline is up. I told myself that by July I would hit my goal of 120lbs and 20 percent body fat but as hard as I have been working, the body does not seem to be budging. I am a bit frustrated with myself at this point becaus...