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Mothers Day Weekend 2013

Yes my post is days late after Mothers Day weekend, but I really needed a few extra days to reflect. I actually had a lot of fun this Mothers Day weekend, and I did not find Mothers Day fun at all before becoming a mother. I did not have a good mother growing up so while everyone else is sentimental...


Spring Cleaning Time!

It is Spring now and I have gained a few pounds over the winter. It has been a tough winter — literally the family has had the flu, cold, ear infection, teething, growth spurt, fever, and coughing since January 7 and I am exhausted by all of it. My clothes are feeling snug — some of my e...


The Cons of Exercise: Acne, Blister, Chafing, Peeling

The past two weeks have not been fun. I have been dealing with mostly the cons of exercise the past two weeks, which have included overtraining/overreaching, acne, blisters, post inflammatory hyperpigmentation associated with chafing, and peeling feet.  My previous post dealt with the whole overtrai...


Foam Roller Infographic

I had to share this infographic! I found it from one of my favorite fitness blogs, Greatist, and it shows you how to use a foam roller. I was introduced to the foam roller when I went to the physical therapist this year in March. Before this I had no idea what the things is! Get health and fitness t...