Bad Workout Days
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This blog post is being written from my phone while I am laying in bed with my sick son laying next to me, eerily from his double ear infection. My little girl is sleeping in he other room, so I gather I have about 30 more minutes before she wakes up. Normally they should have napped much earlier, but today is not a normal day at all.

When you have two little ones it seems like there is always some kind of event happening… In the last month alone, there was ear infection, teething, growth spurt, development milestones, colds, and now we are back to another ear infection. For all these events, it means that I have even more interrupted sleep than usual, less time to myself, and more juggling. When I was in my twenties or even early thirties pulling all-nighters were a breeze… Now it is not so easy anymore. Plus the added toll of not having 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep since 2009 can be a real bitch.

Some times there are no ways around it, but here is a list of things that I have found helpful from time to time:

1. Good good babysitter or mother’s helper.
2. Husband who can work from home or come home a little early on the really tough days.
3. Family living nearby who can help – this is not an option for me but if you have it, use it!
4. A gym with child care.
5. A nice double stroller that comfortably seats both children.

Obviously all the above are just options and not good for all occasions. For example, since my son is sick, so I can’t really utilize most of the options listed above but I did use #5 to get my 10,000 steps in today by strolling the two children to a doctor’s appointment since it is not raining.

My loving husband is also coming home a little early today since I have had an especially hard couple of days not only because of my son’s fever but my daughter has not been having restful sleep either due to a cold and great need of breastfeeding at night.

I maybe a little delirious right now since I have been up since a little before 5am… I am now going to use what time I have left for a quickie power nap. I will post again soon!

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