New Running Goal for This Year: 10Ks!
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I have just completed two 5Ks in the last two weekends. The first one I completed running with a stroller at See Jane Run on 6/3, which was really fun! The second one is a local event to benefit Castro Valley High School Athletic Booster called Run-to-Play on 6/9, which introduced me to running on on inclines and declines through our rolling hills in Castro Valley on Seven Hills Road. In See Jane Run, I completed the 5K run in 35:07, and in the Run-toPlay, where strollers were not allowed, I completed the 5K in 33:13.

Now that I have completed a couple of 5Ks, it is time to set new goals. My goal is to run 10Ks in the next 3 months, and I would like to increase my speed to about 6mph to 7mph. I am giving myself a year to run a half marathon, so maybe I will be running See Jane Run in the half marathon section next year! A few months ago, I thought 5Ks is a lot. The most I have run is in junior high where I only ran 1 mile a day during my PE class. I would attend Bay to Breakers when I was single, but I didn’t really run the whole thing as it was more of a party and novelty than anything else.

My next race is Eden Medical Center’s Run to the Lake, which is a 5K run or Walk/10K Run / Kids Dash on July 9th. I  already registered for the 5K so I think I will stick with that, though this one will be another stroller run for me, and my husband will be joining me along for the run instead of meeting me at the finish line area!

I am also looking forward to participating in Title 9K Run on September 16, which is another women-friendly event. It’s not quite a 10K, but it is close and it is also a stroller friendly race.

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