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Getting Back to Exercise

It has been 6 months since I stepped foot in a gym, having stopped going to the gym due to my pubic symphysis pains. For the last trimester, I napped and walked mostly. Yesterday, I went back into a class for the first time, right after my baby turned 3 months old. In fact, I signed the papers on hi...


My 13 Gym Pet Peeves

Just yesterday I had a very unfortunate experience where somehow someone else’s depilatory cream got in my hair and burned some clumps of hair off. It was traumatic for me. As much as I am a dedicated gym goer and enjoy the friendships that I have made there, the recent incident proved to be the str...


Routines Interrupted, by Life and Pregnancy

Oh my it has been a while since my last post. My life feels as if it has been turned upside down. I actually have not been to the gym in 2 months. Why? Because I am pregnant, and I am really really bad at being pregnant. This was not how it was supposed to go down. I had a fitness goal that while I...


What’s in My Gym Bag

I carry a pretty big gym bag (pictured above, but in a different color) with lots of things in it! My mommy gym bag is loaded with items as it sort of functions as a diaper bag. Among the items in my bag, I do carry: [columns][columns_left] Stainless steel water bottle flipflops shower caddy hair dr...


Racing and Parenting: Running as a Family

Today was the Coyote Hills 5K/10K/Half Marathon and a run I had been looking forward to since last October, when I registered my husband and I for the race. It was out first race in 2014 as a family, and the first race for me altogether. The holidays had been a bit of a rough patch for my running an...